Do You Want to Make Ireland a Better Place to Grow Old In?

Do You Want to Make Ireland a Better Place to Grow Old In?

My Presidency will empower a warm and inclusive society for our older population.

Our population are living longer healthier lives than ever before. Many don’t want to give up work at 65. Many more have so much to give back to our communities.

The number of people in Ireland aged 65 and over has increased by 32.8% since 2007.

I will promote the engagement of older persons and strengthen their value and contribution to Irish society. I will encourage people to engage with older people in their communities. My focus will be directed to combatting loneliness among this cohort of individuals and encouraging one-to-one ‘friend’ initiatives at local level as well as mentoring initiatives between our older and young generations.

My influence will shift the attitude and language around our older people, so that we see them as valued members of our society

While mental health has long been my core focus since deciding to become a psychologist, improving the well-being of others has always been my core passion.

One of the great success of our modern society is that we are living longer but one of our current failings is that we are not living better. I believe that we need to do more for the older generation of our country to make sure that Ireland is a better place to grow old in.

When we think of living longer we think of health services, medical care – but we should think about living in security, living with dignity, living free from anxiety. Living surrounded by others – not in loneliness and isolation.

We should not fear growing old, we should embrace it.

We should not expect that our elderly should depend on the health services, we should create a society that allows them to flourish and contribute.

We should not leave our elderly isolated, we should create a society that allows them to live with security, dignity and free from anxiety.

Ireland is getting older and faster than any other EU country. The number of people 65 and older in Ireland has increased by 32% since 2007.

As with our mental health, we are not intervening early enough in the process to start realistically preparing for the problems that an older population brings, isolation, loneliness, disconnected family units, uncertainty about health care etc.

This is a major issue for the health services and that is clearly a matter for Government to address, but I believe the President also has a role in changing perspectives surrounding growing old in Ireland. I want the Aras to stand up for the elderly and I will use the Aras as a resource to ensure that our elderly are not left behind or forgotten in today’s frantic world and highlight how older people have a great deal more to contribute and add to our society.

I will use the Aras to help and encourage the wide range of groups and organisations that work for and with older people and to give them the platform they need to talk about the positives of ageing while we focus our national debate on addressing the needs and requirements to make Ireland a better place to grow old in.

I want to live in a country that respects all of its people and allows them to live with dignity.

I want an Ireland that allows our loved ones to be happy, fulfilled and to be safe as they grow old. I believe that we need to start a serious conversation about how our society provides for our ageing population and how we can make Ireland a better place to grow old in.

Do you want to make Ireland a better place to grow old in?

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