The Importance Of Volunteers & Community

I have gone up and down our country, east and west, north and south. I have seen the power of communities. I have seen areas where towns have been neglected and been forgotten by the Government, by Dublin. And yet they are still surviving because of the power of communities.

I’ve gone to places where there is high unemployment yet people are so active. They are active by helping each other.

When you think of the hundreds of people who go out at 10, 11, 12, 1 or 2 in the morning – volunteers. This is where our country is great. These are volunteers who bring a sleeping bag or food or something that will sustain them through the night.

That means that the people of our country who are not being paid to do this are doing this out of love for humanity and love of their country. That is just a tiny, tiny reflection of the generosity of this country. I haven’t seen that in other countries, as much as in Ireland.

As President, I want to show the goodness of people.
And by showing the goodness of people, that will encourage more to contribute.
The Tidy Towns initiatives, the Meals on Wheels, where we can all participate.

I want all these volunteers to realize that we would be lost without you.
That your goodness shines through every single project.

I believe, as President, that drawing attention to, and focusing on the goodness of our people that we will show we are a good country, a kind country and will be an example to the world.

Comment below if there are volunteers, organizations or initiatives that you think need to be highlighted for their great work and that could be replicated across the country to help communities.

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