Valuing Our Ageing Population

I absolutely cannot understand why we are not celebrating our older people. They have given us so much already.
They have worked hard, filled the coffers for the Government.

And for us to discard them at the end of their working lives as if they are of no more use to us; that offends me deeply.
Regardless of age, each one of us needs to feel that we have a purpose to our day, that we’re wanted and that we’re loved.

And when we get older, in particular after we retire, some of those needs are removed from our everyday living. Through my past work, I have helped older people identify what is important for them and the key thing is always – they want to be wanted.

As President I want to invite, in fact, beseech, older people to come back into our communities.

We need your expertise, we need your advice and we need your wisdom.

There are many cultures that value their older populations. I want Ireland to be one of those cultures. Where we can invite our older people back into the community.

It is really important that we tell our older population not only that they are loved but that we need to include them. By you, the older people, helping the community you will also be helping yourself.

You will see a purpose to your day there will be a spring to your step, you will feel physically and mentally better.

And that’s what I want to do for my country.

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