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Whether you have a lot of time or just want to join in online, or whether it’s by giving, doing or sharing, you can be a part of Joan’s campaign to inspire change.

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Social media is vital to Joan’s campaign to become President of Ireland. Commenting & sharing Joan’s posts are the easiest way to spread our message & create an impact.

She is not a multi-millionaire Dragon, nor does she have the backing of Government parties. She is an Independent Senator & mental health activist who has spent her life speaking & working on social issues that affect Irish people when others were silent.

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We need to get Joan’s vision for The Presidency out to as many people as possible. Every euro you give will help us spread the word and begin to inspire change across Ireland. Click here to make a secure donation now. Thank you.



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We’re a small dedicated and passionate team working to create a better future for Ireland. We need volunteers to help with every aspect of the campaign right across Ireland. You don’t need to give up a huge amount of time, it might involve some very small tasks, but we would really appreciate your support.

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