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19 hours ago
(1/4) Over the years, I’ve met various members and representatives of the Traveller community as part of my work. What I’ve seen is a group of people who’ve never been encouraged to be part of our community. #Aras18 #Aras2018 #Ireland SenJoanFreeman photo
21 hours ago
Do you want to canvass with our team or locally in your area? Sign up here and we'll be in touch #Aras18 #VoteJoan #Ireland
1 day ago
Presidents' McAleese & Robinson demonstrated how the Presidency can be used to influence social issues. I will do my utmost to bring communities and volunteers together to maximize their impact on the issues affecting families across the country. #VoetJoan #Aras18 #Ireland SenJoanFreeman photo
1 day ago
I'll be on @rtenews just after 6.20 pm to talk about my campaign to be the next President of Ireland. Tune in and tweet me using #VoteJoan #Aras18 #Aras2018 SenJoanFreeman photo
2 days ago
Thanks to Billy Keane for his recent article in the Irish Independent #Aras18 #Aras2018 #Ireland #cblive SenJoanFreeman photo

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Joan Freeman
Joan Freeman16 hours ago
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Joan Freeman
Joan Freeman17 hours ago
We are a very different Ireland than we were seven years ago and I think what we need now is to turn the lens back from the world onto ourselves and in particular, onto our social issues.

Over the last two months, people have described the limits of the office of President. They are right, but they ignore the power it has to illuminate, to symbolise and to represent.

Recent presidents have highlighted that hidden power, and I intend to as well. Indeed, that is exactly why I am running.

Because let’s face it, there are issues that need illuminating. There are people that need representing and the symbolic power of the Presidency can do both.

One of the simplest but most powerful ways for a President to do this is to leverage the media. Where the President goes, the media follows and the attention of the country shifts.

I want to be the President that brings a national lens to the well-being of our people.

What issues do you believe need highlighting on the national stage?
Joan Freeman
Joan Freeman21 hours ago
As President, I will continue to work for the betterment of our most vulnerable people with care, compassion and empathy.
Joan Freeman
Joan Freeman1 day ago
Do you want to canvass with our team or locally in your area? Sign up here and we'll be in touch #VoteJoan #Aras18
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